About Me


Name: Eirene (greek for peace, pronounced I-ree-nee)
Nicknames: Iren, Irenee, Renee
Nationality: Cypriot
Location: Athens
Education: DDH KCL & UCL DH graduate
Occupation: working in an Art Gallery / writing poetry
Likes: photography, pole dancing, theatre, travelling, music, reading, web-coding, art, experimental writing


Eirene Evripidou is originally from Cyprus, but lives in Athens, Greece where she is currently working at the Evripides Art Gallery, which she co-founded in 2015.
She is a graduate of King’s College London (KCL) with a degree in Modern Greek Studies and a minor in Applied Computing (aka Digital Humanities) and a Masters in Digital Culture and Technology. In 2014 she also got a degree in Digital Humanities from the University College London (UCL).

Eirene has always showed great interest in art and artistic expression and especially in poetry. Her first poetry collection entitled “Glass Roses”, was released in December of 2011 by the publishing house Aiolos and her second collection of poems, titled “Reveries (of a moon)”, was released in September 2016, also by Aiolos Publications.

Apart from poetry, her interests include digital photography: in 2014, she presented the macro photography exhibition «Urban contradiction» at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation and published a book featuring her photographs. Currently, her work can be found for sale at the Evripides Art Gallery.


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